We have expertise in using microfluidic and membrane emulsification technologies for formulation optimization and bottom-up rational design of solid dosage forms. Microfluidic techniques allow highly controlled production of micro- and nano- capsules  in microchannels, micro-arrays and micro- and nano- channel membranes resulting in the  production of designer emulsions with exquisite precision. The approaches lend themselves to exquisite control over the encapsulation process using synthetic and biopolymer materials.

Our  aim is to develop advanced formulations that use mild processing conditions to encapsulate sensitive therapeutic actives in micro- and nanocapsules for targeted delivery and controlled release. We have experience in using techniques including high speed video-image analysis, light scattering, electron and confocal microscopy and rheology to develop formulations that allows fast-tracking of new therapeutics in pre-clinical development to help demonstrate safety and efficacy in clinical trials.

We have experience in working with interdisciplinary research and development teams contributing to the rational selection of materials (using various triggers for release e.g. pH, light, temperature, electrical or magnetic field assisted, enzymes etc.); appreciation of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics aspects, toxicity, regulatory and business aspects; innovation and intellectual property awareness; etc.