My research group is focusing on product development and process design of novel biologics for a wide range of applications including therapeutic and biocontrol  applications. Our work is interdisciplinary with on-going industry focused research projects and consultancy work across bio-therapeutics, pharmaceutical, consumer healthcare and cosmetics industries. Our aim is to help fast track health care related discoveries from bench-to-bedside. Our work is focusing on addressing research gaps and developing new tools and methods to help with translation of new discoveries in the biotechnology research space.

Our expertise in process and product development focuses on:

  • Process optimization of upstream (fermentation bioreactors) and downstream separation processes (Ultrafiltration and chromatographic separations) e.g. for the manufacture of novel antibiotics including bacteriophages, bacteriocins, endolysins and antivirulence compounds
  • We have considerable experience in micro- and nano- encapsulation of active biotherapeutics in stable formulations suitable for oral, topical, pulmonary and systemic delivery
  • Product encapsulation and stabilization using scalable process technologies including spray drying and freeze drying
  • Solid dosage product development
  • Cell based assay development for testing of targeted antimicrobial therapeutics

My research group works with global blue-chip companies, SMEs, University academic research groups and research based organisations. Please email me if you are interested in collaborating with my research group. Enquiries from researchers wanting to carry out their PhD research or visiting fellows are most welcome. Visit my University page at:

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